Man left bruised after chasing 'rogue' delivery driver

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Delivery van
Delivery van

A MAN has been left with bruised hips and hands after chasing a delivery driver who drove off with his new fridge.

Guy Johnson, 60, fell when chasing an LG delivery driver who left his house without installing his new fridge from John Lewis due to “liability issues”.

The three delivery men, who arrived at Mr Thompson’s home near Bicester on Friday last week, were allegedly “uncomfortable” with installing the new fridge as Mr Johnson had refused to sign a contract accepting liability for any damage.

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Instead the men drove off causing Mr Johnson to chase the van and eventually fall, bruising his hips and hands.

Mrs Johnson, 53, described the delivery driver as “going rogue” and said the whole experience was “unpleasant”.

She said: “They wanted us to accept liability for any damage they caused and we weren’t going to do that.

“The cost of delivery also included the removal of our old fridge but they came and took one look at our kitchen tiles and said it was took risky and we need to accept liability.

“We said but offered to help with removing the old fridge and had taken the doors off and unplugged it.

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“But when we went out to help bring the new one in they were already driving away. My husband ran after them and banged on the side of the van which caused them to speed off more.

“That caused Guy to fell and bruise his hips and hands.”

The couple received an apology from the company next day who allegedly described the drivers as being “uncomfortable with the difficult job”.

Mrs Johnson, a learning mentor, said: “None of it made sense. The house wasn’t built around the fridge freezer so it should have been fine to remove and install the new one.

“I’d just been shopping as I was so excited for the new fridge but the drove off with it and our old one can’t be plugged back in.

“It was not a very pleasant experience. Several companies were selling this fridge but we went with John Lewis due to the reputation of the customer service and the fact the removal of our old fridge was included in the delivery fee.”

The couple have had their delivery reorganised for tomorrow (06) but hopes the company will offer compensation for the ordeal.

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“My husband is in a bit of pain but it’s mostly a bruised ego and pride,” said Mrs Johnson. “We didn’t know whether to ring the police as they’d stolen our fridge.”

A John Lewis spokesperson said: "While this delivery was managed directly by the manufacturer, rather than John Lewis, we've taken action to prevent it from happening again.

"We're incredibly sorry to hear of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson's experience, and are arranging a gesture of goodwill as part of our apology."


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