Man in MAGA Shirt Threatens Demonstrator Before DC Police Escort Him Away

A man wearing a pro-Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ (MAGA) shirt threatened a protester and urged him to fight in Washington DC on Tuesday, November 3, as marchers gathered on Black Lives Matter Plaza during Election Day protests, video shows.

Footage captured by Ivan Pierre Aguirre shows the man in the MAGA shirt raising his fists in a fight-ready stance and threatening to punch a demonstrator before police arrive to escort him away from the area.

Aguirre told Storyful the man was yelling and cursing at people in the plaza. He almost instigated a second fight before running off when it seemed like the police were going to arrest him, Aguirre said.

NBC Washington reported the demonstrations in the capital were largely peaceful on Tuesday night, with four people at Black Lives Matter Plaza arrested over minor incidents. Credit: Ivan Pierre Aguirre via Storyful