Man makes feathered friends who kept him going through lockdown

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This touching footage shows a man and his feathered friends who kept him going through lockdown.

Lockdown left Robert Paterson, like many people, unable to see family and friends for months on end.

Semi-retired civil servant Robert, 56, weathered the storm thanks to his unlikely circle of friends in the form of the birds he feeds by hand.

Particularly fond of a Robin named Flo, Robert would visit the nest daily.

The video shows tame Flo landing on Robert's hand and eating nuts and seeds.

He began feeding the family of robins in 2017 and has been visiting the same spot ever since.

Robert, of Thornton, Lancs., said: "It was lovely to still have a circle of 'friends' during this tough time.

"Although I've been feeding robins for years now, it was very much prevalent with the advent of lockdown."

"I have my own family but seeing them was a different matter."