Man on mobility scooter spotted 'grappling' with snake in south London

Nick Charity
A man rides on a mobility scooter while carrying a snake at arm's length in south London: David Videcette

A man riding a mobility scooter was spotted "grappling" with a snake in south London, witnesses said.

Passer-by David Videcette spotted the man carrying the snake by its tail as he rode along the pavement near to the South Circular in Streatham Hill.

He tweeted a picture with the caption: "Just some guy on a mobility scooter, grappling with a snake, as he makes his way along a south London street..."

The picture was taken close to the the South Circular at Streatham Hill, at the A203 junction for Croydon, Streatham and Clapham, at about 6pm on August 20.

The tweet had scores of likes and comments, with some Twitter users saying the man is well-known in the area.

Laura Johnson said: "Standard South London. In last few weeks have seen snake, ferret, bearded dragon and macaw all just hanging out with their people on high streets or cafes."

Joel Tailor tweeted: "Occasionally I used to see a chap who travelled on the south London train network with a live snake coiled upon his head."

Mr Videcette, a former counter-terror detective, told the Standard: "I come from south London and we have an odd and eclectic bunch in this part of the world, and seeing this man was perfect. It was like something out of an art gallery - I felt like nothing was as it should. It belonged in the Tate Modern."

"There's lots of weird and wonderful characters. It's what makes south London so amazing."