Man Proposes to Partner in Message on Newborn Son's Onesie

The birth of a child was made all the more joyous for a couple when the father proposed to the mother at a hospital in Castellaneta, Italy, using a message printed on their newborn’s onesie.

This video shot by Iolanda Chinellato on December 16 shows Antonio Rubino bringing his newborn son, Cosimo, into his recovering partner’s hospital room. Rubino helps his partner, Simona Centrone, sit up to see their son snuggly wrapped in a blanket.

She pulls the blanket away, revealing the proposal printed on their son’s onesie. “Mom, will you marry my dad?” the message reads in Italian, with options for yes and no encircled in love hearts.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Centrone falls back onto her bed as applause erupts from hospital staff. Taking a pen from Rubino, she crosses the yes love heart, and the couple embraces.

The happy news came after a trying birth due to complications, Italian newspaper la Repubblica reported. Credit: Iolanda Chinellato via Storyful

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