Man replicates Chinese movie scene inside his fish tank

A man used bamboo strips to make a unique building in a fish tank to replicate a scene in a Chinese animated movie. The cool video filmed in the city of Xuzhou in Jiangsu Province on November 12 shows the process of a man named Wan Ru using bamboo strips to form a unique rural building called Tulou in a fish tank. After it has been completed, fish were seen swimming inside the Tulou-surrounded tank, which looks like the scene in an animated movie called "Big Fish & Begonia". According to Wan, it was a 30-centimetre-long, 30-centimetre-wide and 30-centimetre-high glass tank and he formed a four-storey Tulou inside it. It took him eight days and six nights to complete the product. Wan is a fan of creating landscapes and he devoted himself to the landscape industry two years ago. Wan said: "I take it as a hobby and learnt it myself." The video was provided by Wan Ru.