Man Rescued From Abandoned Mine in Upstate New York

A man was rescued from a sealed-off mine in Brewster, New York, late on Sunday, September 17, after he became trapped as he and four friends were “exploring,” firefighters said.

Footage released by the Brewster Fire Department shows the rescue underway.

“His friends tried for hours to get him out and eventually realized they couldn’t,” the fire department said. “Brewster firefighters under the direction of Captain Christopher Frank traversed the steep dark terrain to reach the hole that the explorers climbed into.”

The man was uninjured and reunited with his friends following a “high angle rope rescue operation,” firefighters said.

“Brewster firefighters did an excellent job under dangerous conditions, including dodging bats at first and then pouring rain,” the department said on Facebook. Credit: Brewster Fire Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- You all right?

- Right to your left. Right there.

- One more [INAUDIBLE].

- I'm going to drop it right there by those rocks.

- Yeah, I see you.

- All right, right here.

- Right.


- Go all the way to the edge.

- With this?

- Yep.

- All right.

- [INAUDIBLE] I'll start loading with your [INAUDIBLE].

- [INAUDIBLE], brother.