'Super Hero': Man Rescues Dog From Quarry '26 Hours' After It Went Missing

A man swam through a flooded quarry on the Isle of Man on Monday, January 3, to rescue a runaway miniature dachshund found stuck on the rock ledge 26 hours after it had gone missing, according to the dog’s owner, Melanie Kermeen.

Kermeen told Storyful her two dachshunds, Bebe and Lulu, went missing on Sunday morning they ran after a rabbit. Members of the local community helped search for the pair through the day and overnight into Monday morning, she said. “What an amazing, caring island community we have,” Kermeen wrote on Facebook.

While Lulu arrived home “safe and squealing at 5.15 am with grey dust on her paws,” Bebe remained missing, Kermeen said. However, “small footprints” led rescuers to Bebe’s location on a “precarious ledge” at the edge of the flooded quarry, she wrote.

This video taken by Kermeen shows rescuer Juan Kinley, who Karmeen said was a retired police officer, swimming out to the ridge and retrieving Bebe.

Kermeen thanked Kinley, calling him “our super hero,” and praised him not only for diving in, but also for carefully considering the risks involved with the help of a lifeguard who was present.

“Bebe and Lulu are now fast asleep in their bed in the warm kitchen,” added Kermeen, along with a photo of the pair curled up beside each other. Credit: Melanie Kermeen via Storyful

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