Man rides a horse into a UK pub - sending him and his pint flying

This video shows a man being knocked off a horse he rode into a PUB - sending him and his pint flying.

The hapless jockey rode into The Angel Inn in Burnley, Lancashire.

But he hit his head on the door beam and was sent flying - spilling his pint everywhere.

One onlooker who filmed the shocking scene said: "We were all having a good time, having a drink and a laugh and celebrating the Jubilee.

"This lad comes in holding his horse with a rope and another man on the back of it, riding it into the pub!

"He whacked his head off the top of the door frame, stumbles backwards and falls into this other man who, at the time, had a pint in his hand.

"He knocked it all over him, covering him in beer! Everyone in the pub was laughing and the horse was at the bar ordering a beer - well, that's what it looked like!

"After the video ended, the bar staff told him to take the horse out and we just carried on with our day.

''Not every day you see a horse come into a pub!"

The video was shot on Thursday, June 2, 2022

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