Man Rides 'Unicorn' Into Texas Walmart to Buy Bucket

A man in a Dallas Cowboys jersey rode a horse dressed up as a unicorn into a Walmart in Arlington, Texas, after the football team beat the Cincinnati Bengals on September 18.

Footage recorded by Kelvin Amaya Alvarez shows the equestrian casually riding his dolled-up horse through an aisle, a blue bucket on his arm.

Alvarez told Storyful that nobody intervened, with the police officer seen in the video “actually feeding the horse.” Alvarez said: “We were surprised to say the least when we started hearing the hoofs hitting the floor. Something like this never happens, but in Texas it’s nothing surprising.”

A Dallas Morning News report said that according to Arlington city ordinances, riding a horse on private property without the consent of owners was illegal. Quoting police spokesman Tim Ciesco, they added that “as long as employees did not specifically ask the pair to leave, this cowboy committed no criminal offense.” Credit: Kelvin Amaya Alvarez via Storyful

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