Man sacked from his job after incident with group of youths on Glasgow train

Man sacked from his job after incident with group of youths on Glasgow train
Man sacked from his job after incident with group of youths on Glasgow train

A MAN told a group of teens he’d “kill them” and do “more jail time” before assaulting one, as they left a train for their own safety.

Members of the public intervened following the incident on the Glasgow to East Kilbride service.

Jamie Anderson, 30, was already on board, when the group of teens made their way on at Glasgow Central Station on September 27 last year.

The five youths, aged between 15 and 16, asked Anderson to leave them alone as he appeared to be engaging in conversation with them.

He replied “make me” and “come on then, I’ll smash you off the f*****g window”.

He then said: "When you get off this train, I’ll kill you, I’ll do more jail time."

Members of the public told Anderson to leave the boys alone “as they are just kids”, and he shouted: "When I was younger, I respected adults, this is how I have a nice watch and car."

The youths were speaking to a member of staff about Anderson’s behaviour when he overheard. He stood up and began shouting.

Staff members asked the teens to leave the train for their own safety. As one did so, Anderson grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and pushed him.

The boy threw a bottle of aftershave towards Anderson, and he replied: "Thanks for the aftershave."

Someone tried to pick it up and he also pushed them.

After the group left, Anderson shouted out the window “w*****s”.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court this week, Anderson’s lawyer said his client lost his job as a result of the incident because he was with a group of young people, on the way back from a training course.

The lawyer added: “These young people saw this conduct as well. That’s the reason he was dismissed from his job.”

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British Transport Police were contacted following the incident.

Prosecutor Laura Martin said: “Officers first spoke with the group of youths who looked shaken up and said the accused made threats to kill them.

“Police then spoke with the accused who stated he had done nothing, and he was hit on the back of the head.

“They requested he provided his details, but he refused to do so and shouted ‘f**k off’. He made attempts to walk away from the police, stating ‘I’m boarding that f*****g train’.

“He thereafter stated ‘f**k off, I'm not giving you details’. He was informed he was under arrest. An officer took hold of his arms. The accused swung his arm and broke free, shouting ‘f**k off’.

“He made off, heading down the platform. Officers gave chase and apprehended the accused. He began shouting ‘f*****g scummy b******s’, ’ya f*****g cow’.

“He was shouting whilst resisting arrest. He couldn’t be formally cautioned and charged due to his behaviour.”

Anderson’s lawyer told the court his client accepts full responsibility.

He added: “He acted out without thought. He has difficulty with anger management and mental health.

“He is residing at a Scottish veterans charity for those who completed tours in Afghanistan. Before this incident, he was being checked by his GP for PTSD.”

Sheriff Allan Findlay ordered Anderson, of Castlemilk, to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work, as a direct alternative to custody.

He told him: “If you breach this, you’re going to jail.”