This man saves up his State pension every year for the most heartwarming gesture

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CHRISTMAS – A TIME FOR giving, whether it’s giving gifts to your loved ones or like this man, giving back to your community.

Eamonn has been coming in to the Carrick Dog Shelter in Monaghan each Christmas with a gift of food for the rescue dogs homed there. He does it completely out of his own pocket, saving up a little of his pension money each week.


Source: Carrick Dog Shelter

He’s been doing it for almost six years now, but this time the shelter felt they should publicly thank him for his donations. Here’s what they had to say about him on their Facebook page:

This lovely gentleman (name withheld) arrives up to the shelter every Christmas with a gift of food for all our dogs. He has done this for many years and saves up his pension money to be able to do this. He hasn’t rescued a dog from us, he hasn’t rehomed a dog from the pound – but he loves dogs. A State pension doesn’t provide much but this gent puts a little aside each week so that he can make this donation – heroes come in many forms, but this one is definitely worth sharing.

Eamonn is said to be “over the moon” with his good deed being shared. All together now: AWW.

UPDATE: Lidl recognised their own brand of dog food in the photo – they headed to Carrick with some goodies for the dogs and a €500 Lidl voucher for the very kind Eamonn.


Source: Lidl Ireland

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