Man 'sent seizure-triggering tweet to epileptic journalist' after Donald Trump criticism

Mark Chandler
Tweet: A man has been arrested: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

A man has been accused of sending a flashing image on social media to a journalist in order to trigger an epileptic seizure after he was critical of Donald Trump.

American John Rayne Rivello, of Salisbury was arrested in Maryland on Friday after a criminal complaint was filed in Dallas.

The 29-year-old was detained on a federal cyberstalking charge of sending a Dallas-based magazine reporter an image on Twitter intended to trigger an epileptic seizure.

It featured an animated image with a flashing light and a message saying: "You deserve a seizure for your posts."

The complaint was filed in December by Kurt Eichenwald, a Newsweek reporter who received the tweet on December 15.

The image was apparently sent in response to Mr Eichenwald's outspoken criticism of Donald Trump before the Republican's election win.

Mr Eichenwald claimed the tweet had sparked a number of copycat incidents.

He tweeted: "More than 40 ppl sent strobes once they found out they could trigger seizures.

"Stop sending them.”