Man shares 'amazing' 10-second rain repellent trick to use on your windscreen

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Life hacks are all the rage these days, with savvy tips for just about everything.

And now it's time to rev your engines because we have a trick that involves your car. On TikTok, user @daddybrownn, who has amassed 200,000 followers, shared a rain repellent trick that you could try on your windshield.

The Navy Veteran posted the clip which garnered 29,900 likes and thousands of shares. He said: "Here's a tip that's gonna make your life so much simpler and save you money.

"This is my favourite baking soda hack, you can use it on your windshield to repel rain. You don't need to spend money on branded stuff, you can do this for a dollar and it works exactly the same. All you need is a damp rag and some baking soda."

Demonstrating his savvy method, he continued: "You're gonna take your damp rag and baking soda then pour it on. Now take it and rub it on your windshield until it dissolves and it doesn't take long either. It's that simple and if you look at all the other products, baking soda is one of the ingredients. Why would you spend the extra money?"

Although the baking soda trick is "amazing", it didn't go down well among all his commentators. One said: "I would like to see you spray water and show us how it worked for you."

Another added: "You can also wax your windshield to repel rain." But a third claimed: "I'm trying this today!"

One satisfied user commended: "I used your hack of using corn starch to dropped ants! Worked great and quickly, thanks!" Another inquired: "Why is baking soda good for so many things? What is it made of?"

Baking soda is well-known for its versatility beyond culinary uses. This common household item excels at neutralising smells and cleaning tasks.

It can also tackle stubborn stains and clean challenging areas like the oven. Baking soda can be purchased for as little as £1.50, or around £3 for a larger size.