Man who shouted 'F*** you I'm Millwall' at London Bridge terrorists caught launching racist tirade

A man who was hailed a hero after the London Bridge terror attack has been caught on camera unleashing a racist tirade against a group of protesters.

Roy Larner was dubbed the ‘Lion of London Bridge’ after taking on three terrorists with his bare hands and shouting ‘F*** you I’m Millwall’.

He was stabbed eight times, and a crowdfunding campaign raised more than £50,000 to help with his recovery.

Roy Larner pictured in hospital after the London Bridge terror attack

A video filmed in February has now emerged of Larner shouting racist slurs during an argument with a group of protesters in London.

The footage shows Larner walking his two dogs in Elephant and Castle in South London.

Roy Larner can be seen spitting in a black photographer’s face

It is not clear how the argument is started but Larner is initially seen spitting in the face of a black photographer. He then becomes more and more enraged before launching into a torrent of racist abuse.

During the confrontation with the photographer he shouts: ‘People like you stink like s***. Foreigners, c***s. Foreigners can f*** off. Shut up. F*** off you foreign c***.’

The group of protestors then start repeatedly chanting: ‘We fight back to the racist attack.’

Larner begins to walk off and is followed by the photographer who starts taking pictures, with Larner responding by shouting: ‘I’ll f*** your mum.’

He is then seen attempting to headbutt and punch a man wearing an orange high-vis jacket who appears to be involved with the process.

Larner eventually retreats while shouting ‘National Front’ and pointing at himself.

Roy Larner appears on Good Morning Britain after the London Bridge attack (Rex features)

His mother has since claimed that the protestors had said something about Larner’s dogs and that he was standing up to them.

The video was posted months before the London Bridge terror attack, but has since been reposted with the caption ‘hero?’.