Man slams 'selfish' BMW driver after pavement blocked for almost two hours

It was spotted on Leicester Causeway in Foleshill
-Credit: (Image: Submitted)

A 'selfish' BMW driver has been slammed for parking across a pavement in Coventry. It was spotted by a resident, who said the person responsible had 'no consideration for others.'

A man, who asked not to be named, said they saw the badly parked vehicle at around 9.30pm on Friday, May 10. He told CoventryLive that he was 'really annoyed' by the 'inconsiderate' parking on Leicester Causeway in Foleshill.

Pedestrians were unable to use the pavement for nearly two hours, the unnamed man claimed. He went on to slam the BMW driver as 'selfish.'

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He told CoventryLive: “It really annoys me as people are so selfish and have no consideration for others. If someone with a pushchair wants to pass they would have to go on the road and risk being hit by the car. It is really inconsiderate.”

What are the rules on pavement parking in England?

Motorists who park on pavements create difficulties for disabled people, pedestrians and children, Compare the Market said. If vehicles are causing an 'unnecessary obstruction of the pavement,' they could face being fined.

It is illegal to park on the pavement in London. Since 1974, the Highway Code has stated that drivers 'must not park partially or wholly on the pavement in London.'

Outside of London, pavement parking rules are a bit vague with the Highway Code stating that you 'should not do so unless signs permit it.' As a general rule of thumb, you should allow enough space for people to still pass your car, or risk being reported for illegal parking, Compare the Market said.

Drivers can be penalised if their parking is deemed to be dangerous in any way or causing an obstruction of the road. Fines can vary but are usually around £70.

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