Man slams Wetherspoons for refusing to accept liability after he spilled tea on himself

A man who burnt himself on spilled tea has slammed Wetherspoons for refusing to accept liability.

Ian Roth, 33, said the lid of his takeaway cup from the pub chain flew off as he was getting in his car and he was left with burns on his body.

He has slammed Wetherspoons for refusing to accept liability for the incident after the chain said  it was”not liable for incidents that take place once the customer leaves the pub”.

Dad-of-two Ian, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, said he had to take two days off work and visit the doctor after the incident at The Gateway pub in East Didsbury, Manchester, on October 1.

“How can they say that they’re not liable when I bought the tea from them, and I was still in their car park when it happened? It’s unbelievable.”

Burn – Ian Roth is furious after Wetherspoons refused to accept liability for the incident because it happened in the car park (Pictures: SWNS)

Ian was burnt after having breakfast with partner Vicky Rochford, 28, and their two children, aged four and seven.

Vicky had brought him another cup of tea as they left the pub and he said he noticed it felt “extremely hot to touch”.

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He said: “We got to the car less than one minute from receiving the tea and as I leant down to get in the plastic lid lifted very suddenly off the top of my tea and some spilt on to my stomach and t-shirt.

“I immediately removed my t-shirt and it was clear the hot tea, despite not being against me long, had caused damage. My stomach felt like it was on fire.”

Complaint – Wetherspoons has said the matter is now closed 

He said another customer got ice from the bar staff, and Vicky wrapped it in cloth and pressed it against the burn.

He said he was forced to take two days off work and had emailed JD Wetherspoon to complain but says he got no response from the pub chain more nearly a month.

On November 2 he received a reply saying: “As this incident happened away from the premises we are unable to substantiate the course of events. We will therefore not accept liability in this matter.”

Ian refused to accept the response, but after contacting them further says he received another email saying: “We are sorry to hear of your continued disappointment. As we are not liable for incidents that take place once customers has left the pub we will not be able to help you further with this matter.

“In addition to this the incident was not reported to any member of staff at the time.

“Nonetheless we have noted your further comments. We now consider the matter closed and will be our last communication in this regard.”

He said: “I don’t know how they can say that I wasn’t on the premises. I was in the car park.

“They sold me a scorching hot cup of tea which was so hot that it caused my skin to blister. I don’t see how they can’t even so much as apologise for the inconvenience.”

JD Wetherspoon said it “wouldn’t comment further”