Man on the street rips weave off Sinitta’s head outside London club

A man on the street ripped a weave off Sinitta’s head outside a London club on May 17. In the video, the singer and Simon Cowell’s former girlfriend is seen wearing a red weave on her head as she steps out of a black van. Photographers immediately begin taking photos of her as she is greeted by friends. Sinitta then drops a red bag, and while she’s picking it up, a man in a tan jacket walks across the street and towards the group. The man can be seen talking to Sinitta, and as he walks away, the man apparently rips the red weave from Sinitta’s head. Sinitta, who no longer has the red weave on her head, appears shocked and looks back at the man raising her arms, while a friend can be seen picking up the weave from the sidewalk.