Man stunned by fiancée’s ‘awful’ admission: ‘She didn’t even deny it’

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A man’s fiancée didn’t want him working for a female boss and then took matters into her own hands. 

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. After losing his job, the only interview he could get was for a position with a woman manager. But his fiancée didn’t approve. 

“I’ve been struggling to find a new job after I lost my previous job due to reasons that are out of my control,” he explained. “After looking for four months I finally found a potential job opportunity and contacted the company and set up a date for an interview. I’ve learned that the manager is a lady and for [some] reason that pissed my fiancée off. She told me having a woman as your boss is never a good thing because she says women take advantage of their positions and get employees to do things for them so they could benefit. I thought that was just wrong and ignorant, to be honest.”

The fiancée encouraged him to cancel the interview but he refused. 

“I wasn’t going to throw this opportunity away after looking for months,” the user explained. “She threw a fit and kept bringing it up over and over again. A few days ago I found out that she used my laptop and canceled my interview with the company. I was so mad when I contacted the company and they told me that they had other potential employees that attend interviews and that I was two days late. I yelled at my fiancée especially when she didn’t even deny it.”

Reddit users thought the fiancée was in the wrong. 

“Insecurities don’t excuse her awful behavior,” one user wrote. 

“Definitely a big red flag there,” another said

“Your fiancée sounds abusive,” someone added

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