Man takes his drone to the skies, what it captures is breathtaking

Drone enthusiasts are able to see the world from a vantage point that few people can. The world is beautiful face on, but it's absolutely breath taking when viewed from above. The horizon extends forever, the sunsets seems more magnificent, and the planet is a rich mixture of blues, greens, and browns when seen from the sky. This amateur drone pilot has been capturing these images for several years but the amazement is no less now than it was at the beginning. Tiny, lightweight, but powerful in their ability to film high resolution images, these drones are a marvel of technology. Miniature cameras are propelled upwards to record almost anything the imagination can think of. This video starts with a high speed, low level flight over a well tended lawn, a meadow filled with grazing cows, followed by a banking turn with a tapestry of colour as the sun sets low over the countryside. Next, the drone parallels a huge construction crane, almost one hundred metres in the air. The sky in the backdrop is ablaze with orange as the sun rises to meet the dawn. A steep dive brings us from high above the forest, through a train bridge and out onto a backwoods trail. Dipping down low to skim over a creek, we see Canada geese feeding on the water below. The drone squeezes through a narrow space beneath the bridge over the creek. Windmills turn as the camera gives us a look at them from their level, 150 metres above the earth. The camera skims over cows again, this time so low that we can see one happily chewing her meal. The resolution is so sharp that the drone pilot actually recognizes this cow as "Pam", one of the matriarchs in this familiar herd. We return to the creek for a low level skim so close to the water's surface that the ripples beneath are visible. The drone takes us around a country garden and through the trees on "sport mode", an insanely fast way to fly these new drones. A water spout in Peterborough creates a vivid rainbow. The camera then circles the "Arenui", one of the most beautiful liveaboard dive boats in existence, as the boat drifts in the bay in Indonesia near Komodo Island. The rice fields of Bali are next. They are one of the most iconic panoramas on the island of Bali. Another view of the giant wind turbines at sunset provides us with a glimpse of that distant horizon, aglow in the late evening. Circling around Darwin's Arch, we are able to see one of the most spectacular sights of the Galapagos Islands. No longer standing, this arch was a sight that brought tears to the eyes of many explorers and adventure seekers. The arch fell in May 2021, due to erosion, and scuba divers around the world mourned its loss. Rarely filmed from above, this view is breath taking. The drone takes us on a slow flight through snow laden branches that hang heavy after a winter storm in Canada. We follow a herd of horses galloping free in their meadow. Their joy at running on a sunny day is heart warming. The video finishes with another look at the Arenui at full sail, a sight to behold. Taking a camera to the sky provides images and sights that are beautiful beyond belief. Our fascination with this world we live in makes us want to see it from all angles. This vantage allows us to see the world the way a bird would see it.