Man Throws Paper Airplane Made Out Of Porn Magazine At Children

Police are searching for a man who threw a paper airplane at two children that was made out of the pages of a pornographic magazine.

The kids were playing in their front garden at their home in Pittsburgh when a white van approached.

A man inside the man is said to have then thrown the paper plane out of the window, landing in front of the property.

The van then drove away.

When the children, whose ages have not been released, picked up the plane and unfolded it, they were faced with X-rated images from the magazine.

They handed the unfolded plane to their shocked parents, who called the police.

A police spokeswoman told Huffington Post: “We are just trying to alert residents to someone who may be doing something suspicious around children.”

The man who threw the plane is described as white, between the ages of 18 and 25.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Pittsburgh police.

Pic: Rex