Man took meat tenderiser and Zombie knife to confront former friend over text messages

A general view of Grimsby Crown and County Court.
-Credit: (Image: Grimsby Live)

Police armed with a Taser ordered a man to drop his weapons and discovered one was a meat tenderiser.

Stuart Hall was arrested for possession of a Zombie knife as well as the kitchen tool when police responded to a disturbance at flats on Frederick Street, Grimsby, a court heard. Hall, 42, of Littlefield Lane, Grimsby admitted possession of the offensive weapons in public on March 13, this year.

Prosecuting at Grimsby Crown Court, Blaise Morris told how police were alerted to a disturbance at a flat where a man was kicking a door at 8.40pm. When they arrived they saw a man sitting on a bottom step of a staircase holding a knife and a meat tenderiser.


One of the officers took out a Taser and ordered him to drop the weapons. Mr Morris said the defendant could see the red dot from the Taser pointing on his chest. He put his hands up and released the weapons, which were retrieved.

The prosecutor said the officers could see the man was intoxicated. They recorded him saying "Look at the text messages he has been sending me. I was only going to threaten him. I'm not a horrible person. I just got wound up. I am not going to do anything. I just wanted to scare him."

In interview with police he said he used to be friends with the man but had "got mad" with constant text messages from him. Mr Morris said the defendant had a conviction for a similar offence from a few years ago.

For Hall, Richard Hackfath said his client was under the influence of drink at the time and had only intended to scare his former friend with the weapons and not to use them. "It was an impulsive act. He was receiving these unpleasant messages. He took the items from his kitchen to the address to wait for him."

The defence barrister presented references on his client's behalf, including one from Grimsby Food Kitchen charity worker, Cath Homewood, who was described as "highly regarded" for her charity work feeding homeless people. Mr Hackfath said she spoke highly of Hall who never misbehaves, nor shows disrespect to anyone.

Recorder Dapinder Singh KC jailed Hall for a total of eight months.