Man upset after finding out his girlfriend slept in the same bed as another guy: ‘I would leave’

A man felt betrayed after his girlfriend slept in the same bed as another man and then lied about it.

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The man turned to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to ask whether simply sleeping in the same bed as another man counted as cheating — and whether he should leave after finding out his girlfriend had lied.

The man explained that his 21-year-old girlfriend had a sleepover with two friends some time ago. One friend was male and the other was female. Before the sleepover, the man asked his girlfriend not to share a bed with her male friend.

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“[I] told her I was uncomfortable with her sleeping next to him,” the man recalled. “I felt, in my mind, it crosses boundaries [and is] something I’m uncomfortable with.”

The man’s girlfriend promised she would not share a bed with her male friend. Then, after the sleepover, she claimed that she kept her promise. “She said she didn’t [sleep with him],” the man recalled.

However, recently, the man and his girlfriend got into a fight, at which point the girlfriend confessed that she had lied. She told the man that she had, in fact, shared a bed with her male friend, although her female friend was also there.

“The friend whose house they were at has a pretty huge bed so they all slept in the same bed,” the man explained.

Feeling betrayed, both because his girlfriend slept next to another man and because she lied, the man got upset. Now, he is wondering whether to leave the relationship entirely.

Redditors were concerned that the girlfriend not only lied but also used her betrayal as a way to hurt the man during an argument. Many Redditors urged the man to leave his relationship.

“I would leave.”

“Yo dawg, she lied about it and then used the fact that she lied to hurt you. That’s real bad, especially since you told her beforehand that you would be uncomfortable with it. I would leave,” one Redditor wrote.

“The fact that she did it knowing you weren’t comfortable with it, hid it, then used it as a weapon to hurt you in an argument is seriously more telling than her not thinking it was weird in the first place,” another Redditor chimed in.

“Like others have already said, the lying part and only coming clean during an argument is a huge deal. Tbh I’d be pissed and probably call it quits,” another Redditor agreed.

It seems like Reddit agrees that regardless of what the girlfriend did, lying about it is the real dealbreaker.

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