Man walked up to random victim on night out and slit his throat

-Credit: (Image: Humberside Police)
-Credit: (Image: Humberside Police)

A violent and "out of control" man almost killed a man during a night out after he slashed the victim's throat in the early hours of the morning.

Eugen Militaru, 41, of Grove Street, off Beverley Road, Hull, brandished a "highly dangerous" knife when he carried out the savage attack. The victim was fortunate to not die after being taken to hospital.

Militaru was later found filming himself for a video while posing with a gun and apparently performing a "James Bond impression", Hull Crown Court Heard. He admitted to wounding the man with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and assaulting a second man, and having a blade in public on August 12 last year, Hull Live reports.

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Initially, he was accused of attempted murder but the charge was dropped. Michele Stuart-Lofthouse, prosecuting, said two men were walking home in Hull city centre in the early hours after a night out when they were approached by Militaru in a confrontation with a group of young people outside a Primark store.

"The defendant was shouting at them and they looked frightened," said Miss Stuart-Lofthouse.

One of the two men asked Militaru: "Are you all right?" but Militaru forcefully headbutted him in the face and swung punches at both men, which missed. The man who had been headbutted briefly managed to restrain Militaru, who shouted at him in a foreign language and pulled out what looked to be a gun.

Militaru placed the weapon at the man's temple before walking off towards Whitefriargate. The two men later saw him again outside a bar in Silver Street, with Militaru approaching them while shouting.

He grabbed hold of the man who was headbutted and dragged him to the ground, causing a cut lip during the incident. The second man intervened and allowed his friend to get up.

Militaru then struck out with one of his hands at the second man's throat with a shiny object. The victim proceeded to shout: "My throat".

Military ran off after the incident, with the first man seeing blood streaming from his friend's throat - it is believed that a razor-type knife was used.

A passerby came to help while emergency services were alerted to the incident. The victim lost a significant amount of blood at the scene and was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary for treatment to four wounds to his neck, below his windpipe and below his left ear.

"There was no injury, thank goodness, to the blood vessels in and around the neck," said Miss Stuart-Lofthouse. The wounds were sealed using sterilised strips. Militaru was arrested near the scene of the incident.

He was found to be under the influence of alcohol while swearing in his own language, Romanian. He appeared to knock something off the top of a nearby bin and police discovered a bloodied blade that was four or five inches long, meanwhile, a broken toy gun was found outside a pub.

Judge John Thackray KC said a video was discovered with Military doing a "James Bond impression" while posing with a gun. In the video, he shows off "his physical prowess" and "doing some kind of violent kick, again posing with a gun".

Militaru made no comment during police interview. He had a series of convictions in Romania and Spain over a 20-year period, including being jailed for robbery, escaping custody, theft, and assault.

The stabbing victim later said: "My anxiety has been through the roof since this incident. I have been constantly looking over my shoulder and haven't wanted to even be in Hull.

"I have since left Hull and I am living with my Mum outside of the area. I don't want to be in Hull any more. I also feel on edge. I have been having regular nightmares about the incident and getting my throat cut.

"I don't think many people have their throat slit and I would not wish it to happen to anyone else. It's the worst situation I have been in, in my life.

"I have a two-inch scar in my jugular area. This will haunt me and remind me of this incident forever." He believed that he was "lucky to be alive".

The headbutting victim, who saw what happened to the man injured by the knife, said: "This incident has really affected me and I think about it a lot. I have been having nightmares about it and it wakes me up from sleeping.

"I have never seen someone's throat slit before and have never had a gun pointed at me and I don't think that anyone should have to see that. I am struggling with my mental health because of this and I am currently receiving support from agencies."

David Godfrey, mitigating, said that offences such as the knife incident were traumatic for the victim and had a significant effect. "While it could have been terrible, it wasn't," said Mr Godfrey.

"It's a very troubling offence. He acknowledges that this sort of behaviour is a significant concern. He knows that he has got to stop and that he has got to change.

"He accepts his offending in full. He wishes to express his regret."

Judge Thackray told Militaru: "The public are understandably fed up of city centre and town centre violence. It deters decent people from going out and socialising and this is an extremely serious example of its kind.

"You were totally out of control and, in a completely unprovoked attack, you terrorised two men, who were doing no more than making their way home. You could so easily have killed one of them because, using your knife, you attacked the delicate structures of the neck.

"Only good fortune prevented a fatality. He must have been terrified. It was a prolonged and persistent attack and you were in possession of a highly dangerous weapon."

Militaru was jailed for eight years after being branded a dangerous offender and he will be on extended licence of two years after his release from custody.