Man Walks in on Deer Eating Toilet Paper in South Korean Public Restroom

A man looking to use a public restroom in Busan, South Korea, was stunned when he found the stall occupied by a deer feasting on a roll of toilet paper.

Video recorded by Jooyoung Kang on December 31 captures his wild encounter. However, Kang felt he was more startled than the animal.

“The deer’s expression is so calm that I think I made a mistake,” Kang told Storyful of the experience.

He added that he saw a leash around the deer’s neck, so assuming an owner was nearby, Kang left the animal alone to finish their business.

According to a paper published in the National Library of Medicine, domesticated deer have been bred in South Korea since 1956. Credit: Jooyoung Kang via Storyful