Man Writes Letter To John Lewis To Thank Them For Staying Closed On Boxing Day

One of the traditional parts of Christmas is rushing out to the Boxing Day sales but one man has praised John Lewis for keeping its doors firmly shut.

Jason Snelling wrote an open letter to the department store to thank it for not following other stores in opening up on December 26 - allowing staff to spend an extra day with their families.

And it seems Jason was not the only one who was grateful to the store for staying true to the spirit of Christmas as the post on Facebook quickly went viral.

Sounding like he was about to have a go at John Lewis, Jason wrote: “Just who do you think you are?

“Whilst all the other shops were open, convincing people to spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need, some of them from as early as 6 am, you have the audacity to be closed on Boxing Day, allowing your employees to spend time with their families at Christmas?! Ridiculous. Shameless.”

Highlighting the “crass commercialisation” of Christmas, Jason went on: “Christmas isn’t about getting up at 5am to open up shop for a January sale that inexplicably starts on the 26th of December.

“It isn’t about getting a new television with a marginally improved functionality over the one you already have.”

Thank you letter: Jason Snelling praised John Lewis for staying closed (Facebook)

Summing it all up, he then added: “It’s about feeling a bit sick after eating one too many mince pies, being woken up at 5am by an excitable toddler and most importantly of all, having a lie in and a cup of tea on boxing day morning.

Please never change! Unless it’s to be closed Christmas Eve as well… But one step a time aye?”

The post has now been shared over 53,000 times, with more than 373,000 people liking his sentiments.

One person wrote: “Well said. I was unfortunate to be made to work on Boxing Day this year as the company I work for classed it as a “normal working day”.

“I’d much rather have spent the day at home with my kids but wasn’t given the option.”

Another added: “When we completed our Christmas shopping, at John Lewis, about a week before Christmas, we were delighted to hear that they would be closed on Boxing Day.

“I find it terribly sad that people can’t find anything better to do on Boxing Day than go shopping.”

Millions of shoppers are expected to hit the high street today to return unwanted gifts as part of ‘Take Back Tuesday’.

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