Manchester attacker used my bank card to buy bomb ingredients, says cousin

Salman Abedi before he blew himself up at a Manchester pop concert

Sick Salman Abedi, who murdered 22 innocent people outside an Ariana Grande concert on 22 May 2017, used his cousin’s bank card to buy £500 worth of bomb ingredients.

Abedi’s cousin, Isaac Forjani has spoken of the ‘betrayal’ he felt after lending his bank card to the 22-year-old terrorist.

Abedi bought £500 worth of car batteries, which he then used to make the deadly explosives which he used to target innocent children enjoying a concert.

Forjani told the Sunday Times he lent his bank card to Abedi so he could purchase items online.

The 25-year-old told the paper how he lost ‘everything’ after the bombing – and was arrested by officers believing he was complicit in Abedi’s grotesque and cowardly attack.

Officers lay floral tributes to victims of the Manchester Arena bombing (PA)

‘Can you imagine somebody convincing you that if you blow yourself up with all those people, you’re going to heaven?

‘He’s evil. Simple as that,’ he said.

After hearing the news, Forjani said he felt ‘sick’, adding: ‘I will never, ever forget it until the day I die.

‘I got my mum to ring up the family in Libya and try to confirm what was being said about Salman being the bomber. Then we heard back from a relative who confirmed he was missing.’

Ariana Grande released her first new material since the bombing earlier this week. The video for No Tears Left To Cry contains an allusion to Manchester, as a worker bee can be seen in the final seconds of the video.