Manchester punter hits jackpot after £1 Jeremy Corbyn bets placed three years ago

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

A politics watcher from Manchester has won over £200 after placing a £1 bet on Jeremy Corbyn three years ago. Samson Dada, 32, put two bets that the former Labour leader would win a seat as an independent candidate in the next general election.

Publicist Samson spotted odds of 4/1 in his local William Hill shop in October 2021. and put a pound on it. And when he passed the shop again two weeks later, he was struck again by how impressive the odds were.

So he placed a second bet - this time for £50 - and squirrelled his betting slips away for three years until he dug them back out on Thursday.

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When Mr Corbyn did indeed stand as an independent candidate, and went on to win the seat for Islington North, Samson was quids in.

He went back to the shop earlier this week to collect his winnings, totalling £204 for the two bets. "I don't like bookies much, because gambling can cause big problems for people" he said.

He placed two bets at his local William Hill bookies -Credit:Ian Cooper/North Wales Live
He placed two bets at his local William Hill bookies -Credit:Ian Cooper/North Wales Live

"So when I see them put up a price I think is wrong, I like to beat them at their own game. I follow politics closely and I knew Corbyn had a massive following in his constituency, so I thought he would stand independently.

"I think bookies everywhere underestimated how popular he is. I was pleased I won the bet, but I was confident that I would - I knew the price was generous."

Samson was so confident in his bet that he even went out and bought himself ingredients to make his favourite meal in anticipation of the win. "I am pleased when I won the bet" he said.

"I'm not sure what I'll spend the money on yet - it'll probably just go towards my food shopping. But my main motivation wasn't money - it was outsmarting the bookies."