Manchester United stock kicks off to 52-week high amid sales discussions

Yahoo Finance's Akiko Fujita discusses why Manchester United stock is surging on Friday.

Video transcript


AKIKO FUJITA: Well, time for our trending ticker and today, we are watching shares of Manchester United. Jumping to a new 52 week high, following earlier reports, the football club is considering strategic options, including a potential sale.

Now MANU has been anything but United as the Glazer family ponders the future of the club, but ESPN reports the owners would only consider an offer that would make MANU the most expensive sports team ever. So we're talking about a price tag of well over $7 billion. That is more than what the Denver Broncos and fellow Premier League club Chelsea sold for. The group has not announced a hard deadline for the sale, but you see that stock up in a big way, more than 15%.