New 'mandatory' UK car law from this month will 'limit' engine power

New mandatory speed limiters on UK cars from July will limit engine power, it has been warned. The mandatory speed limiters will be installed on ALL new cars sold in Europe from July - with the rules coming into effect on Sunday.

Giovanni Giancaspro, Segment Manager for ADAS and Automated Driving at TomTom explained: “This landmark piece of vehicle safety tech will act as a speed limiter that automatically reduces a vehicle’s speed by limiting engine power."

Mr Giancaspro, a road expert and traffic and travel chief, went on to say: “This is possible because ISA tech uses two data sources to inform the driver of the speed limit: vehicle sensors, such as cameras, and mapping technologies."

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"To ensure compliance, European OEMs will need to work with a mapping tech provider to merge all this data and ensure vehicles sold beyond the July deadline can provide real-time speed limit alerts," the TomTom expert went on.

He continued, saying: “Together, they will add an extra layer of awareness to a vehicle, allowing it to understand the speed limit on any given road, warn drivers when they exceed it and even step in to reduce speed at critical moments.”

Giovanni added: “With tried and tested mapping technologies here to help, ISA will soon help European road safety take an important step forward, ensuring more drivers and commercial fleets in the UK and the continent benefit from a better driving experience that ultimately makes the roads safer for us all.”

The Department for Transport are constantly researching how transport users across all modes can benefit from the latest technology, ensuring journeys are safe, reliable, and cut emissions. The new rules affect cars in Northern Ireland but not England, Scotland or Wales - just yet, anyway.

The rules kick started in the EU this weekend.