Mandy Patinkin: Viral clip of Homeland star resurfaces and warms hearts during coronavirus lockdown


A viral clip of Homeland star Mandy Patinkin has resurfaced after it was posted online in an attempt to “cleanse” Twitter timelines with wholesome content during coronavirus lockdown.

The clip in question shows Patinkin’s gleeful reaction after Dave Price, one of his interviewers on Good Day New York, rushes off camera midway through after being notified that his wife has gone into labour.

“He’s going – his wife is in labour,” Price’s co-host tells Patinkin, to which the actor replies: “Oh my God, how thrilling. Mazel tov!”

As the interviewer tries to get thing back on track, Patinkin has other ideas.

“That is the most exciting thing I’ve ever had happen!” he exclaims, before leading a round of applause for the dad-to-be.

He continues: “To hell with me – let’s cutaway to the hospital.”

The host finally gets Patinkin talking about Homeland again, however, he asks to be called for an update on the birth.

After the post went viral all over again, Price provided an update to the story.

“About a week after Eli came home – a silver kiddush cup (wine chalice?) arrived with Eli’s name engraved on it – with a hand-written note attached. The note is locked away – not because it came from a celebrity, but because it was so beautiful & thoughtful.”

Price continued: “My wife & I will always remember Mandy’s kindness- and he will always be a part of our memories of that special day.

"Thanks for the reminder to take a moment to “cleanse our feeds” Marc. You brought a big smile into this house tonight. Be well, all.”

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