Eurovision Winners ‘Offended’ Over ‘Outrageous’ Accusations Of Cocaine Use During Final

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The winners of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest have blasted speculation that their lead singer snorted cocaine during Saturday night’s live final.

The lead singer of Italian rock band Måneskin says he will take a voluntary drug test later today after some viewers speculated that lead singer Damiano David had used the drug after he appeared to bend over a table during the contest.

During an interview on Monday’s BBC Breakfast, Damiano said he was “offended” by the allegation, which he said was overshadowing their victory.

When he was asked by presenter Dan Walker what had actually happened, Damiano explained: “It was the moment where they were giving us twelve points and meanwhile [band member] Thomas broke a glass so while I was cheering I saw the glass broken and was like ‘my god, what happened?’”

The singer then added that he was “really offended” that some viewers thought he was leaning over to snort cocaine.

“I think these kind of things are outrageous,” he said. “We are young guys with a huge passion for the music and I think this is overshadowing our win. But we will get drug tested and prove that it’s all speculation.”

His bandmate, bassist Victoria De Angelis, then added that it was “sad” they were having to deal with the rumours following their win.

“It makes us a bit sad,” Victoria said. “We have never had use of drugs and we really don’t want to spread this kind of message.

“What we try and do is focus on this incredible thing that happened and all the people supporting us, that’s what matters the most. I don’t think people should talk stupid things.”

Måneskin's lead singer Damiano David (Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev via Getty Images)
Måneskin's lead singer Damiano David (Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev via Getty Images)

In its statement, the European Broadcasting Union said that Måneskin band members had asked that David be drug tested to refute the speculation.

The four-person rock band, who got their start busking on Rome’s main shopping street, were the bookmakers’ favourite going into Saturday’s Eurovision finale and sealed their win with the highest popular vote in the annual competition.

The win was only Italy’s third victory in the contest and the first since Toto Cutugno took the honour in 1990.

Italy will host next year’s competition, with cities set to bid for the honour.


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Eurovision Winner To Take Drugs Test Following Cocaine Speculation

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