Manhole covers decorated with colourful designs in Bangkok

Footage shows a colourful set of new manhole covers that campaigners hope will improve safety in Bangkok.

The designs were installed along a canal in the Thai capital, where there were 750 complaints of accidents related to manholes in 2017.

Lecturers and art students at Silpakorn University made the steel covers and worked with government officials to put them along the Khlong Ong Ang Canal.

They hoped that it will improve the image of the area and helps to reduce accidents. 

Somchai Dechakorn, director of Urban Planning & Development at the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration said: "We are not just putting new manholes on the streets. It follows a plan to learn about the needs of local communities. The team from Silpakorn University which has designed the manholes conducted a study to learn about local history and seek residents' input.''