Man's attempt at huge breakfast challenge branded 'pathetic' after sharing 'after' photo

Breakfast lover Ryan tried a huge breakfast challenge at the Penguin Cafe in Wednesfield - people can't get over his attempt
-Credit: (Image: Penguin Cafe - Wednesfield)

A man's botched attempt to conquer a colossal full English breakfast has left onlookers stunned.

The quintessentially British full English breakfast, with its eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, beans, and sometimes black pudding, is a beloved tradition across the UK, especially when hunger strikes hard. One cafe in particular has gained such notoriety for its hearty breakfasts that customers are regularly seen queuing out the door.

The Penguin Cafe, located in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, responded to its growing fame by introducing a gargantuan challenge known as the 'Bhella Buster'.

This mammoth meal includes eight rashers of bacon, six eggs, eight sausages, six hash browns, four slices of black pudding, two chopped tomatoes, two servings of beans, two mushrooms, four slices of fried bread, six slices of toast, accompanied by tea or coffee a truly Herculean task.

The cafe has become renowned for its breakfasts and often sees queues out of the door
The breakfast is huge -Credit:Penguin Cafe - Wednesfield

Scot Griffiths, the owner of the Lichfield Road eatery, often hears boasts from patrons confident they can "smash it", yet he remains to see anyone successfully complete the challenge. A recent attempt by one individual has particularly baffled the public, as it appeared he hardly touched his plateful.

The Penguin Cafe in Wolverhampton has launched a new food challenge called the Bhella Buster. If customers can finish the challenge in under 40 minutes, they will win a free extra large breakfast and a T-shirt. A spokesperson for the Penguin Cafe said: "We are also getting lots of people saying how easy it is, and they'd smash this, come and put your money where your mouth is and give it a go."

Ryan, a Wolverhampton resident, was the first to attempt the challenge on May 17. However, he was unsuccessful, only managing to eat three slices of toast.

After pictures of Ryan's attempt were shared on Facebook, some people accused him of not even trying the challenge - with only three pieces of toasts appearing to be missing. One person said: "Did you even eat anything but three toast? Waste of food."

Another dubbed his attempt as "pathetic" say they would find the challenge "easy" and a "smash it". One other questioned: "So you two slices of toast and you were full? What a waste."

On X another wrote: "Geezar had a couple of slices of toast, turned his plate around was like 'my work is done here'." "Bro didn't even try," wrote another.

"Has he even started? ," one confused individual asked. Others expressed confidence in their ability to complete the challenge, claiming they could "show them how it's done" and devour all the food "in 20 minutes tops".

Some participants acknowledged that they might struggle to eat all the toast, despite being able to finish the rest of the breakfast. Those interested in taking on the challenge can book a spot at the Penguin Cafe.