Man's innovative solution after being denied number plate

David Assman managed to get his name on the back of his car after all. Source: Facebook/ David Assman

After a man’s request for a personalised licence plate bearing his surname was deemed “unacceptable”, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Instead of having his surname on his registration plate, Canadian Dave Assman had it emblazoned across the back of his truck, CBC News reported.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), who administers plates in the state, said his application for the plate was rejected because his request involved an “unacceptable slogan”.

But in an act of defiance, Mr Assman decided to paint his surname in the style of a local registration along his truck’s tailgate.

Mr Assman’s decision was taken well by the SGI. Source: CTV

“It’s just a name and censorship should be out of the window,” Mr Assman said.

He believes the government’s decision was swayed by a small minority of people who may take an offence to his surname.

And it seems Mr Assman’s decision failed to prompt any animosity from the SGI who responded to a tweet picturing his newly designed truck.

“All’s well that ends well.”

Dave Assman isn’t the first person whose given name has proved controversial.

Traci Redford, from Texas in the US, was criticised for naming her daughter Abcde after the story of her being “laughed at” by an airline staffer went viral.

You can’t tell me you name your poor kid Abcde and not expect some kind of flack,” one woman wrote on Facebook.

Another said: “Can you imagine the bullying she will get in school because you decided to name your child that. Come on.”

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