Man's 'uncooked' cheese and onion toastie sparks huge debate online

A man toasting bread
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A man shared an image of his cheese and onion toastie online and the disconcerting sight has left people vowing to never visit Europe. The unusual culinary concoction was posted on Reddit after making its debut on Facebook and it's fair to say that reactions have been one of shock more than anything.

The image of the delight was not posted alone, reports the Express. No, it came with this accompanying ans seemingly proud statement: "Cheese and onion toastie tonight. £0.85p."

The toastie isn't an ordinary one by any standards. While it begins on safe territory with a slice of white bread, it is soon lathered in butter and topped with cheese and bits of raw red onion. Most worryingly of all to many, it doesn't appear to have been cooked at all.

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This raised serious questions with many online as many debated if it can it really be a toastie if it hasn't been toasted. The culinary conundrum stirred up quite the conversation online with food enthusiasts.

Many were left puzzled by the concept of paying for an uncooked toastie and took to various platforms to express their astoundment. One tried to jokingly diffuse the situation, saying: "It needs more toasting."

However, many could not get their heads around the uncooked onion in the toastie. One said: "How could someone pay for that?". A second said: "This is not for onion lovers. This is for sad people who are also British."

Commentary on the lacklustre toastie wasn't just limited to its appearance and perceived taste, but extended into wider judgements about European cuisine. One user stated: "This is why I'm scared to visit Europe."

People were left with mixed feelings about the unusual dish, but some were intrigued enough to consider trying it. Despite its odd appearance, a few adventurous souls suggested it might be surprisingly tasty, likening it to other unconventional treats they enjoy.

One said: "As an American, I'd spend 85 pence on that. More if they'd add more cheese and onions. The exchange rate is still pretty good."

Someone else shared their own country's version: "We have had something here in Sweden, where it's lard/porkfat, mixed with red onions, salt and I believe a small measure of whiskey or swedish alcohol." A second said: "Bread with pork fat and onions, the Eastern European classic. Grew up poor but when we had this for dinner I felt like a king."

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