Manual Checks at RDU Airport as Power Outage Causes Delays

Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina experienced a major power outage in Terminal 2 starting early Friday, November, 12, that was “impacting our ability to serve passengers,” the airport said on Twitter.

Local media reported long queues in terminal 2, with only the emergency lighting working. Ticketing, bag checks, and pat-downs were all occurring manually, a local reporter said.

The outage began around 1:30-2am on Friday, local media reported. By the time of writing, the latest update from the airport said about one-third of Terminal 2’s operating systems were coming back online, adding that RDU was working to “safely restore all systems”.

Video filmed by Twitter user shows long queues and a woman being manually patted down by airport security at the airport on Friday morning. The user said, “Manual pat downs, manually going through carry on’s, it’s hot in here and we’ve been here since 4:30am.” An alarm can be heard in another video posted by the user. Credit: @CORT_ney_ via Storyful

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