Manx country diary was worth the wait

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<span>Photograph: David Chapman/Alamy</span>
Photograph: David Chapman/Alamy

A big thank you to Derek Niemann for visiting the Isle of Man and writing a country diary about one of its outstanding habitats, the limestone pavements and rock pools of the Scarlett peninsula (13 October). Having read the column since the days of William Condry and Harry Griffin, I believe this is the first Manx country diary; may the tide surging through the wrack which Niemann describes so well bring him back to write more.
Felicity Cain
Kirk Michael, Isle of Man

• Re snacks in exams (Letters, 15 October), 64 years ago, in 1957, our primary school class teacher gave us all a hard-boiled sweet to suck at the beginning of our 11-plus exam – unheard of in those days. We were amazed and delighted. Most of us passed for grammar school.
Gaynor John
Sonning Common, Oxfordshire

• Maybe the Queen (Queen ‘irritated’ by world leaders talking not doing on climate crisis, 14 October) should consider Chris Packham’s recent article (What can the royals offer Cop26? A pledge to rewild their vast estates, 13 October), and put her money where her mouth is.
Dave Crook

• Our gratitude to John Crace is boundless. For months, his columns preserved our sanity during lockdowns. The toll that had on him is so sad; his bravery in admitting that to us deserves still more admiration (Digested week: it’s good to be back after recent lows with mental health, 15 October). Stay well, John.
Pam Thompson
Bideford, Devon

• Dear John, please, please stay at the Guardian for another five years. I will if you will.
Mary McMurran

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