This many Americans say they’ve never seen snow

One-third of Americans have never built a snowman.

That’s according to a new poll of 2,000 people with travel plans this winter season, where travelers admitted they’ve never partaken in other winter activities such as skiing (42%), snowball fights (30%) or even drinking hot chocolate (24%).

More than half (55%) of all respondents regularly experience snow where they live and only 21% sometimes experience snow.

Of the 25% who never experience snow, 54% have never seen it at all.

Even so, 72% of respondents hope to see snow during the holiday season.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Motel 6, results showed that seeing snow isn’t outside the realm of possibility for many respondents, as they’re planning to travel to the Northeast (23%) and Midwest (21%) this season.

In fact, respondents are planning to cross an average of about three state lines for their winter travel.

In general, respondents are slightly more likely to seek out warmer climates (30%) for winter vacations than cold climates (21%).

Respondents are expecting to feel comfortable (50%), joyful (47%) and peaceful (41%) while on their winter vacations this year. So it’s no surprise that for winter vacations, national parks or campsites (50%), ski resorts (46%) and small towns (44%) are some of the most popular landscapes.

But interestingly enough, more than seven in 10 (71%) respondents admit they’re more likely to try a new activity while on a winter vacation than a summer one.

Respondents (61%) are looking for comfort and familiarity when it comes to winter travel this year. However, that isn’t the case with summer vacations, as respondents tend to hope for adventure (50%) and cultural immersion (57%) on those trips.

“The holidays bring out nostalgic feelings in us all, so it’s no surprise that travelers are looking for comfort and familiarity this year”, said Rob Palleschi, CEO of Motel 6. “A great way to instill these feelings is through bringing back favorite activities or trying new experiences alongside loved ones. And no matter where your travels take you this season, we look forward to being the comfortable spot to rest along the way.”

Family gatherings will be larger this year for two out of five respondents (40%) and will include children (63%), significant others (54%) and parents (53%), with some even extending the invite to friends (49%) and pets (22%).

Almost half (46%) plan to stay at a hotel/motel.

Over half (57%) of respondents say they plan to “trip-stack” this winter, meaning adding an additional destination or trip on to their existing winter travel plans.

The main reason for this being that the holidays are the only time everyone is available to travel (67%).

Just over two in five (42%) of those traveling by car this year plan to take the scenic route on their way to their destination, taking their time getting there.

While on the other hand, 40% plan to take a direct route to get to their destination as efficiently as possible.

Although respondents typically plan their winter vacations about four months in advance, that anticipation may be short lived.

Of the 90% of respondents who have children, 28% admit their kids will start asking “are we there yet?” less than an hour into traveling.

“Holiday gatherings continue to evolve in new ways every year”, added Palleschi. “From including friends, neighbors and pets in the celebrations, to trip-stacking in order to fit as much fun and exploration in as possible, it is always a pleasure to meet those on the road and hear about their holiday journeys.”


  • Snowboarding - 46%

  • Skiing - 42%

  • Ice skating - 38%

  • Put up holiday lights - 36%

  • Sledding - 33%

  • Build a snowman - 33%

  • Have a snowball fight - 30%

  • Drink hot chocolate - 24%

  • View holiday lights/decorations - 16%

  • Take holiday photos - 11%

  • Host a holiday party - 4%