‘Many hundreds of thousands’ exposed to Covid-19 in early March, MPs told

Jane Kirby, PA Health Editor and Joe Gammie, PA
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    Professor Yvonne Doyle, PHE’s medical director, told the Commons Science and Technology Committee that many hundreds of thousands of people had been exposed to coronavirus by the time testing and tracing was stopped around March 12.

    Their comments contrast with those from Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who has defended leaving care home guidance in place until March 12 that said the risk of infection across care homes was low.

    On Tuesday, Mr Hancock told the Commons that community transmission of coronavirus in the UK in early to mid-March was low.

    Just remember the timeline and when they tell you how well they have done you'll be better placed to make up your own mind on that.
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    The Gov. could not follow best scientific advice because they were too slow in stopping flights coming in without isolation for 14 days and they where too late and too vague with lockdown. They also had under prepared with PPE stocks and supply lines. Tests were not ready when needed and management of testing has been shambolic. The country will need to stay in lockdown for months to come and if the Gov. continue to favour London in there actions we will see real trouble flaring up across the regions of England.
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    another expert weeks behind what most people had already assumed, there was a lot of illness about after Christmas with similar symptoms to this, i had it, no one took much notice then, now its looked at as history's worst disaster, and financialy it will be,
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    Horse bolted springs to mind. Just to bring you up to speed, i went down with the crippling symptoms of Covaid 19 at the same time as my son in law, step son, neighbour, friends down the local shop and numerous others i saw out shopping.....all in early November 2019. We all had it on and off for about 3 weeks to a month. Never had anything like it before, totally crippling.
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    Which only goes to show it was here in the UK long before originally stated.
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    This is wrong... there was no widespread testing to begin with early March
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    Myself wife and kids had all the symptoms in December literally knocked my wife for 6 she was ill for atleast 2 months. I was bad for about 3 weeks and kids were a few days we are waiting for these antibody tests to become available then at least we will know it was around in December in. The uk
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    Think some of us already guessed that
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    Senior Moment
    remember how in February they said the risk was low?
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    Anyone else bored with the subject ? I know if I catch it I am gone but I use common sense, which most apparently do not have. All these briefings and hindsight statements do no good at all.