'Many will have known no other MP in their lifetime - he is more than an MP, he's a friend to all in Huddersfield'

As Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman reaches the end of his time in office, Kirklees Council’s group leaders have paid tribute to the long-serving parliamentarian.

Sheerman was first elected in 1979 and has held the seat for 45 years. After almost half a century serving the town and campaigning on national initiatives, he will retire this year at the age of 83.

Leader of Kirklees’ Labour group, Councillor Carole Pattison said: “Barry Sheerman has given 45 years of service to the Huddersfield community. Many will have known no other MP in their lifetime.

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“Many see him as a family friend and there is always someone nearby who will tell you that he has helped them many times. I wish him well for the future and know he will not forget Huddersfield.”

Leader of Kirklees Council, Councillor Cathy Scott, said: “Thank you for all your service, Barry. Not only for Huddersfield but for all of Kirklees. You have helped shape our communities and contributed to bringing in vital resources. With 45 years service as a Labour MP, you have definitely established yourself as a preferred brand.

Councillor Cathy Scott
Clr Carole Pattison

“Wishing you all the very best in your retirement.”

Leader of Kirklees’ Conservative group, Councillor David Hall, said: “They say a week is a long time in politics – 45 years really is an era!

"Whatever our political differences, we should be grateful that Barry has given up so much of his life serving his constituents and thank him for his service. I am sure he will have had many successes and achievements in that time, and I wish him well in his retirement.”

Leader of Kirklees’ Lib Dems said: “Forty-five years is an incredible record of service for any MP. Barry can be proud of his commitment to his constituents and look forward to a well-earned retirement.

“I worked with Barry over the Covid period and appreciated his ability to put politics aside when there was serious work to be done. ‘That’s a wrap’, Barry. We wish you well.”

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