Many POWs freed by Russia suffered torture -Ukraine official

STORY: Kyrylo Budanov was speaking at a news conference a day after a prisoner swap was agreed between Russia and Ukraine involving almost 300 people, including foreigners.

Some of the Ukrainian POWs released by Russia were currently receiving rehabilitation in hospital in Ukraine, the country's interior minister, Denys Monastyrskyi, told the same news conference.

Under the terms of the deal, which Turkey helped broker, 215 Ukrainians - most captured after the fall of the port city Mariupol - were released on Wednesday (September 21). In exchange, Ukraine sent back 55 Russians and pro-Moscow Ukrainians.

Ten foreigners were also freed following mediation by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

British ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Simmons called on Russia to respect international humanitarian law in its treatment of prisoners of war.

Tobias Thyberg, Swedish ambassador to Ukraine said: "You have a lot of citizens of your own who are still in Russian captivity, and we certainly will not forget that Ukraine chose at this moment to also manifest its concern for those captives who were not Ukrainian citizens. And that is something for which Sweden is exceptionally grateful."