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Floppy disks

Long before cloud storage and USB sticks arrived on the scene, 8-inch floppy disks were used for storing and transferring computer data. Introduced in the 70s, they were gradually ousted by smaller and more sturdy 3.5-inch disks which also dwindled in popularity by the late 90s. (Wikipedia/George Chernilevsky)

From Betamax to MiniDisc: How many of these dead tech formats can you remember?

From Betamax and reel-to-reel, to HD-DVD and floppy discs, dead formats have a special place in our hearts.

While some were endearingly clunky to use, others were actually superior to their rivals, but were thwarted by cost and convenience.

Now resigned to the great recycling bin in the sky, we take a look at some of the most popular dead formats from days gone by…