Maplin staff let go as buyer for troubled retailer remains elusive

(c) Sky News 2018: <a href="">Maplin staff let go as buyer for troubled retailer remains elusive</a>
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    Andy M
    Maplin is too expensive. Look online and the cost is usually halved.
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    Maplins demise is purely down to the expensive price of things. At one point they used to be reasonably priced, even against online shops BUT then their prices sky rocketed.
  • B
    PWC! More profit from unfortunate Retailers, This company should be regulated,
    Huge office complex by Charing Cross Station,Why is this? Can anybody explain???
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    Let Go!!!!! no they've been made redundant, lost their jobs. Be correct with the headline Yahoo, too often this bland terminology is used to try and soften the impact, generally in favour of government or banks.
  • L
    I have always enjoyed a look around Maplins and bought the odd item will be sorry to see them close if it comes to that.
  • D
    Once again PWC profit from the misfortune of others.
    But hardly surprising given PWC's breaching of Government and European Union rules on public sector procurements.
    A long hard look at PWC and the other large "accountacy comapnies" is needed.
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    I was in the local store the other day and they are selling some stuff off and it was still way more expensive than you can get it for elsewhere. Its a shame as I have used them for electronic components for over 30 years but then they branched out into all sorts of other products which was a mistake.
  • j
    Whats a Rupert ?
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    Maybe if the likes of Amazn were taxed wright there would be an even playing field.Amplins is really useful for advice you dont get elsewhere
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    pc world needs to step in and save Maplin's,