The Maradona roadshow rolls into Belarus as Diego refuses to keep it low key

Brest foot forward: Diego Maradona greets his new public

Diego Maradona doesn’t do low-key, just as his entrance at Dynamo Brest will testify. Now the Argentina legend looks to finally get it right off the pitch.

Very little has gone right for the 57-year-old since he hung up his boots just over 20 years ago.

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He talks a good game as we know, but the controversial 1986 World Cup winner doesn’t seem to stick around too long in any job since quitting playing in 1997.

Stints in charge of Mandiye de Corrientes, Racing Clun, Al Wasl and Fujairah – and not forgetting Argentina of course – have been little short of a disaster.

Getting his kicks: Maradona shows the kids how it’s done on his arrival

So he thought it was high time he took total control of a club. He is now Dynamo’s new chairman – and after signing a three-year deal let’s hope his contract is watertight.

Maradona likes a fuss and after arriving in Belarus on a private jet, flanked by security and waving a scarf around furiously in the streets on top a jeep, it’s only what we have come to expect.

The arrival of investment from the UAE has convinced him to come, with a new 30,000 seater stadium nearing completion he says the boardroom is for him.

Under a watchful eye: Diego Maradona is “ready for the challenge” at Dinamo-Brest

“I am not afraid of the challenge, I am not afraid of the serious projects and these people seem very serious to me,” the icon said.

“I needed a challenge, an important project to show that I never stopped working.

“I take it with all the affection of the world, respecting the people who gave me this opportunity.

“We are going to have faith again, to grow together in harmony with a great team, taking the kids out of the academies to prove them and make them great.”

After a number of controversial displays at the World Cup, including an apparent racist gesture to South Korea fans and also health concerns, his followers will hope this will settle Maradona down.

We wait and see if this is the job for him, or if it’s just another pit-stop on the Diego road-show.