Marble Arch Mound attracts unexpected tourists curious to see how bad it is

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Tickets to the mound will be free for August, according to the council (Dominic Lipinski/PA) (PA Wire)
Tickets to the mound will be free for August, according to the council (Dominic Lipinski/PA) (PA Wire)

Marble Arch Mound has been attracting an unexpected new crowd after it was branded the UK’s worst tourist attraction.

Tourists have now been keen to see the £6 million artificial hill and find out for themselves just how bad it is following weeks of bad publicity.

Podcaster Chelsea Dickenson could not resist the urge to visit and dedicated an entire episode of her Tipsy Tourism show to her ordeal.

“It’s only been open a few weeks but it has already been dubbed the UK’s worst attraction so that really, really excites me,” she said.

Producer James Robinson added: “It has been in the news constantly about how cr*p it is.”

To which Chelsea replied, “So how could we not go?”

Some admitted they had gone out of their way to visit the site, just to see what the fuss is about.

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Among the sea of comments, one person tweeted: “Took a detour through central London earlier to see what all the noise was about the mound at Marble Arch.

“’Underwhelmed’ doesn’t cover the emotion. Oh my Lord, £6 million, the cost of almost 340,000 emergency food parcels.”

Another said: “After hearing how bad it supposedly is, we thought why not go and see for ourselves while it’s free? To be honest, it’s not worth the time.”

“During visit to London at weekend, couldn’t resist checking out the mound at Marble Arch. No, did not feel the need to climb it.”

Others have been mulling over a trip to the controversial site which promises “stunning views that you do not want to miss”.

Social media was awash with comments, including one person who tweeted: “Ok do I go and visit the Marble Arch mound on my holiday? I know it’s terrible but I feel like I might want to experience the terrible for myself.”

Marble Arch Mound first opened in July with tickets starting at £4.50.

The first visitors were offered refunds after it was branded the worst attraction in London, later extending to the worst in the UK.

The Westminster Council boss in charge of the attraction later quit amid spiralling costs.

Melvyn Caplan, deputy leader of the Conservative-run authority, stepped down over the “totally unacceptable” £6 million bill for the temporary hillock.

The mound aimed to entice visitors back to London’s West End but it has instead become the subject of international ridicule.

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