Marc-Andre Fleury loves his stick after robbing Ovechkin (Video)

WASHINGTON, DC – Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury was the story of Game 7 through the first two periods on Wednesday night, turning away 23 shots from the Washington Capitals.

That included a rocket from Capitals star Alex Ovechkin in the second period, a one-timer that had Ovechkin briefly celebrating because it seemed destined to snap the twine behind Fleury.

Except it didn’t. It went off the shaft of Fleury’s stick and out of play, in one of the wildest saves of the series.

Fleury, like all goalies, is renowned for being a big weirdo. He’s been known to have conversations with his goal posts and crossbar, thanking them for their inanimate efforts during games.

That apparently extends to his goalie stick. Here’s Marc-Andre Fleury, showing it some … um … er … appreciation.

That’s quite a smile of gratification Fleury had behind that mask. Over the save, we’re sure.

In what was a complete and total coincidence, the Verizon Center DJ played Billy Squier’s “The Stroke” during a stoppage in play soon after this. We wish we were joking.

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