March For Change: Thousands take part in pro-EU rally in London

Megan White

Thousands of pro-EU demonstrators took part in the anti-Brexit March for Change today, turning Park Lane into a sea of blue flags.

Campaigners marched from Park Lane to Parliament Square brandishing placards with slogans such as “let’s stay with EU” and “b*****ks to Brexit.”

Many of those attending proposed revoking Article 50, while many called upon the Government to “stop the Brexit mess.”

Attendees included Lib Dem leadership candidate Sir Ed Davey, Labour MEP Rory Palmer, and Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack.

Organisers also flew a giant Boris Johnson blimp over Parliament Square, similar to the effigy of Donald Trump which has been used in the past.

The massive inflatable depicted Mr Johnson wearing a t-shirt with a bus which said £350 million, and trousers which had hearts and the name Nigel.

A nine-foot tall Nigel Farage model was also on show, holding puppets of the Tory leadership candidates with the slogan “Boris and Hunt and Farage’s puppets.”