Marchers in Elizabeth City Rally Outside Pasquotank County Attorney's Home

Protesters marched in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, on April 26, after the family of Andrew Brown Jr viewed part of a police video showing the fatal shooting of the 42-year-old while police carried out a search warrant.

This footage, shot by Shom Tiwari, shows protesters chanting outside Pasquotank County Attorney Michael Cox’s home in Elizabeth City.

An attorney for Brown’s family described the shooting as “an execution” and said when Brown was shot he had both hands on the steering wheel of his car.

Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten II said the incident was “over in less than 30 seconds” and that the bodycam video was shaky and could be hard to decipher. He said outside investigators were interviewing witnesses and “gathering more information.” Credit: Shom Tiwari via Storyful