Margaret Hodge received ‘disgusting’ Holocaust email over Covid passports

Ryan Hooper, PA
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Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge said she has received “disgusting” emails comparing vaccine passports with the Holocaust.

The veteran former frontbencher, who is Jewish and had relatives killed in the Holocaust, accused those who sought to draw similarities between plans for individual Covid status certification and victims of Nazi persecution of “fearmongering”.

Dame Margaret shared one such email with the PA news agency, which stated: “Hitler had his own version of vaccine passports too,” and is accompanied by a picture of a bare forearm with a number tattooed.

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The body of the email also carried the message: “Politicians = SCUM. Media = SCUM”

It appeared to have been sent to scores of Labour MPs.

The MP for Barking said: “It’s absolutely disgusting. I just think it’s disgusting.

“We should be having a grown-up debate about vaccine passports, it’s a difficult decision, a balanced decision, but we carry on waiting for the Government to produce details so we can have that legitimate debate.

Anti-semitism in Labour
Dame Margaret Hodge, who had relatives killed in the Holocaust, was the recipient of a ‘horrible’ email concerning vaccine passports (Ian Vogler/Daily Mirror/PA)

“It (the email) is fearmongering.”

Dame Margaret, who is a frequent recipient of anti-Semitic hate mail, said: “For somebody like me, who never forgets that I’ve had relatives killed in the Holocaust, that image is just disgusting and horrible.”